Term 3 Online (2020/21)

Monday 4th of January by Charlotte Pilkington
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All classes will be run online during Lockdown 3

As our primary focus this month was to transition to working on show dances for our whole school showcase in June/July (still provisional at the moment), we are shaking things up and offering an opt-in online timetable full of 5 week courses starting from Mon 11/01 to Sat 13/02.


All classes will be free work classes concentrating on routines and working on short term technique goals. It is your chance to push yourself to keep up your stamina and flexibility ready for when we are allowed back on that stage, as well as an opportunity to try something new as a taster for additional showcase dances! We know that online learning isn’t anyone’s favourite, but we really have achieved so much by keeping it up. Those who stick with us through online lessons will be the ones to progress through the grades faster. Sticking with your classes online is important for your physical dance training, and also keeps you and your children connected with our teachers and peers which is very beneficial for their mental health at this uncertain time.


Our 5 week online courses have been split by school year groups/age:

  • Pre-School = Pre-School Students
  • Infant = School Years R to 2
  • Junior = School Years 3 to 6
  • Senior = School Years 7 to 13+ (up to Age 21)
  • Adults = Ages 22+

The course timetable can be found here and are £20 each for a 5 week course.

Descriptions of each course can be found here.


To opt-in please complete our online Term 3 Online (2020/21) Enrolment Form Here.

Term 3 (2020/21) Online Courses

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