Online Courses - Term 3 Online (2020/21)

Sunday 10th of January by Charlotte Pilkington
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Our teachers have put together a little description for each online course they are running, see below for a taster of what is in store for you!


Junior Modern

Kick start your week with classes developing your balance, style and confidence skills. We will combine this technique into a short dance that you can show off to your families!

Junior Tap

Join me in warming up those ankles, knees and feet with technical exercises. Once our hearts are racing, we will then take these movements and produce a fun routine!



Junior & Senior Lyrical/Contemporary

In stressful times like this, this genre is great as we can really let ourselves go! Escape to a place where you feel free and are living your best dance life, learning a short routine.

Infant, Junior & Senior Acro/Limbering

Take part in this 5 week intensive course to develop strength and flexibility in your body, which in turn reduces the likelihood of injuries, improves your posture and gets you in a positive state of mind!

Junior & Senior Advanced Technique

Would you like to improve a particular step or balance? We know technique can be hard, so we’re here to help you achieve the things you thought were impossible. We’ll work together to get you where you want to be!



Junior & Senior Commercial Street / Jazz

Come and let your hair down learning a sassy routine to Spotlight by RuPaul. What better time than now to dance your heart out and have fun!

Senior Modern

What doesn't challenge you doesn't change you! A class starting with a series of strength exercises finishing off with a routine to 'Midnight Sky' by Miley Cyrus.

Senior Tap

Learn a rhythmical, close work routine to the 80's song 'Ain't Nobody’. If you want a challenge and a chance to get your tap shoes on this class is the one for you!

Online Courses - Term 3 Online (2020/21)


Pre-School Themed Weeks

16/01 Dazzling Dolls

Join me and transform into a puppet, a jack in the box and a clockwork doll whilst we learn different dance styles and movements. Bring along your favourite doll to join the fun too!

23/01 Perform With Props

This week we will using things around the house to create our own dance studio at home. Using things like fairy wings, chairs and a hat we will learn new movements and a short routine to the Greatest Showman!

30/01 Tutu Tots

Using the music from classical ballets such as Swan Lake and The Nutcracker we will learn the basics of foot positioning, pointing, arabesque, pliés and more just like the professionals! 

06/02 Dance Fit

Challenge mum, dad, a sibling or anyone else in your support bubble to keep up with you this week as we jump, spin stand up and sit down multiple times to burn off energy to fun music. It’s great fun and gets your heart beating!

13/02 Princess Party

For our final week we will learn some new moves to your favourite Disney songs and learn a short routine for you to show off to your family. Come dressed in your best princess dresses ready for some Disney magic!



Infant Tap

You will be working on your sense of rhythm and mastering technical exercises, before utilising these skills to learn a fun piece of choreography!

Infant Ballet

Join us on your own ‘magic carpets’ combining sequence of steps together in a mix of exercises and dance games that improve co-ordination with songs from Aladdin!

Infant Modern

After starting the class with an energetic warm up, the class will focus on combining movement to music you will recognise from stage and screen whilst improving your sense of performance!



Junior & Senior Ballet

The 5 weeks of classes will vary with a mix of barre exercises, port de bras, adage and allegro free work; combining movements to make short variations. Classes will help improve your understanding of musical interpretation and the essentials of a pure classical training!

Senior Pointe

A great workout for those feet, ankles, knees and thighs through exercises that incorporate relevé, shaping your feet all whilst building strength. Over the 5 weeks you will work on your balance, transferring of weight and posture skillset, encouraging you to feel and know when you have a correct alignment!



Junior, Senior & Adult Body Conditioning

Increase your overall fitness and stamina with a variety of bootcamp exercises focusing on your core stability and strength. These exercises will tone numerous muscles at once, for that perfect dancers body and posture!

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