Lockdown Choreography Competition

Sunday 29th of November by Charlotte Pilkington
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Compete in our free competition to round off our current lockdown! This is an opportunity for all SAA dancers aged 4+ to have fun and shake off that Zoom Doom feeling!

To enter you will need to choreograph a dance to one of our chosen pieces of music. We have two styles of music to chose from. There is a jazzy upbeat piece called ‘Just Dance’ and more lyrical and graceful style song called ‘I Hope You Dance’. Your dance must last for the whole piece of music which is 1m15s long. You are welcome to enter in any dance genre you like!

The competition will be judged in three age groups and trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place:

  • Mini - Age 4 to 7 years (Yr R to 2’s)
  • Junior - Age 7 to 11 years (Yr 3 to 6’s)
  • Senior - Age 11 to 21 years (Yr 7+)

There will be an opportunity to get free constructive feedback from one of our teachers on Sunday 29/11. You must pre-book a 10 minute slot between 9.30am to 12pm. Your video entries must be sent by Wednesday 02/12. The winners will be announced on Sunday 06/12.

Dances will be judged in the following five categories, each worth a score out of 10, with a final total of 50. Each entry will also receive feedback of how well they did:

  • Musicality & Timing
  • Choreography Content
  • Performance & Style
  • Technique
  • Hair & Costume

For avoidance of doubt, we only expect you to do the best you can in the space you have. Marks will be given for adapting to the space you have available, you do not need to recreate a dance studio in your house!



Entries and additional information can be found on our ‘SAA Lockdown Choreography Competition’ Google Classroom. To access, please follow this link and ask Charlotte for the classroom code. If you are new to Google Classrooms our user guide can be found here.

  1. Pick a song/style - The music tracks to choose from can be found on Dropbox here.
  2. Create your masterpiece! - Take a look at our marking criteria in Google Classrooms for help on what we are looking for.
  3. Get some feedback - Please respond to this email with your availability between 9.30am and 12pm on Sunday 29/11 so we can book you in a slot.
  4. Practise, practise and practise!
  5. Film and upload your entry on the Google Classroom by Wednesday 02/12.
  6. Results will be announced on Sunday 06/12.

For any queries with choreographing your dance please contact Katrina. Any issues with the tech please contact Charlotte.

We really look forward to seeing all your entries…. Good Luck!

Katrina & Charlotte

Lockdown Choreography Competition

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