Denmead Community Centre Annexe In The Rain

Friday 2nd of October by Charlotte Pilkington
Keywords: Denmead Community Centre, Rain, COVID-19 Secure, Cars

It looks like our luck has run with the nice weather and ability to wait outside of the Annexe in the morning, so please stay in your cars and wait for students to vacate the venue before entering

Arriving to a class: To help us stay COVID-19 secure and to keep our students from getting soggy, please stay in your cars until the class before has been let out. We will gesture when the venue is clear and there is capacity to let you in to the building.

Finishing a class: Students will be let out when a parent can be seen from the ramp, so please wave at us!

I’m afraid, anyone who tries to enter the building too early will be asked to go back out. We do not have the capacity or space in the Annexe hall to avoid students mixing with previous classes, whilst remaining socially distant. Since the government announcement last week, there are now serious fines for a business not running COVID-19 secure, so SAA will have to be strict about this for a while.

Thank you for your patience at this time!

Please Stay In Your Cars

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