Grade 1 Year 1 Ballet Expansion

Friday 18th of September by Charlotte Pilkington
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This is a message for anyone who is enrolled in the Grade 1 Year 1 Ballet and Grade 1 Year 1 Tap

Due to an influx of new students and the new capacity limits in the hall, we will be splitting the Grade 1 Year 1 Ballet class into two classes. They will be taught the exact same grade work, we just need to do this to remain COVID-19 secure.

Therefore we would like to put anyone who does the combination of Ballet and Tap into a separate class.

This means your new times starting immediately (from 19/09) will be:
10.40am - 11.10am: Grade 1 Tap (Yr 1's)
11.20am - 11.50am: Grade 1 Ballet (Yr 1’s) #2

We will keep the students in the hall for the 10 minute break so you are welcome to drop off at 10.40am and come back to collet at 11.50am.

I also have a little bit of flexibility here on capacity, so if anyone would like to swap between the earlier and later classes please contact Charlotte at

Grade 1 Year 1 Ballet Expansion

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