New Classes For 2020/21

Tuesday 20th of August by Charlotte Pilkington
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We are so excited to be able to expand our timetable for the new academic year


Age 25+

Since starting up Adult Beginner Tap online we will be expanding our timetable by splitting our Adult Tap classes into a new Beginner and Advanced class. Both classes will be held by Miss Lucy in Denmead, so whether you’re a Tap novice or an expert we have classes to suit everyone!

Tap dancing is a rhythmical stimulating style of dance, which is a fun way of developing co-ordination and skill. Regular dancing is great for losing weight, maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, increasing balance and beating stress.


Grade 3+ and Age 10 to 21 (Yr 6 to Seniors)

We started this class online and are happy to to introduce it in person from September! This class is to be taken in addition to your normal ISTD Ballet classes and are held in Denmead by Miss Ali.

Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for training to facilitate muscle memory, focusing on developing a solid technique with an emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out and co-ordination. In turn this helps improve students core stability, weight placement, alignment and overall dance technique.


Grade 3+ and Age 10 to 21 (Yr 6 to Seniors)

We are excited to offer this brand new class to our 2020/21 timetable with Miss Viki in Denmead. The class will compliment the ISTD grade work classes and is suitable for students looking to further their dance training and performance abilities.

Advanced Tap Technique will work on mastering steps and combinations whilst improving foot and ankle strength, core strength, managing weight transfer, stamina and musicality. Classes will build up fancy footwork, complex patterns and challenging rhythms ensuring students are able to perform intricate steps at greater speed more effortlessly.

New Classes September 2020


Age 10 to 14 (Yr 6 to Yr 9)

We are so pleased to be providing this genre to more of our students from a younger age! Classes are taken by Miss Ali in Denmead.

Lyrical dance blends elements of ballet, contemporary and jazz dance. This genre is generally a little smoother than ballet and also somewhat faster, although not as rapidly executed as contemporary and jazz dance. Movements in lyrical dance are characterised by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another. Choreography tends to be expressive and capture emotions.


Grade 3+ and Age 12 to 14 (Yr 8 to Yr 9)

We are delighted to announce that another class we started online will be available in person from September! Classes will be taken by Miss Ali in Denmead

Pre & Beginner Pointe classes are for those transitioning to be fully en Pointe. The class will consist of demi pointe and beginner pointe exercises that focuses on strengthening the legs, ankles and feet in preparation for the strength needed to be safely en pointe. It will cover the foundations of correct rotation, alignment and balance needed for steady pointe work and will be a good opportunity to allow us assess student readiness. Miss Ali will confirm when students are ready to purchase Pointe shoes for this class.

If you are an existing student and are interested in joining any of these classes please email Charlotte (

We are welcoming new students as normal, so if you are interested in joining the SAA family please complete our Online Enrolment Form Here

New Classes September 2020

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