Sunday Funday 10/05 - Latin with Shireen Jathoonia

Tuesday 5th of May by Charlotte Pilkington
Keywords: Sunday Funday, Latin, Shireen Jathoonia

Join us 10.30am - 11.15am on Zoom!

Our third guest teacher is Shireen Jathoonia who used to be an SAA student!

Shireen has danced from a young age and used to dance at Southern Arts Academy when she was younger. She went on to study Dance at college and university and is now an international dancer and fire & special effects performer. She performs all over the world in various arenas and at shows in amazing places from Las Vegas to The Maldives and of course at events in the UK too! Shireen was also a featured dancer in the Disney live action movie, Beauty and The Beast. Alongside her performing work, she also teaches and we are excited for her to teach you some Latin steps!

As a thank you to those who have supported SAA, these will be free for those enrolled in Term 5 Online.

If are not enrolled for Term 5 Online and you would like to join in these classes, they are £4 a week. Please email Charlotte at for more details!

SAA Sunday Funday

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