ISTD Intermediate Modern Exams 2020

Friday 21st of February by Charlotte Pilkington
Keywords: ISTD, Intermediate, Modern. Chichester College

On Wednesday 19/02 six of our seniors entered their exam

Congratulations Bluebell Lane, Cara Redman, Chloe Craig, Gina Lipscombe, Lucy Knight & Sophie Knight for taking your ISTD Intermediate Modern Exam. You have worked really hard in the run up, so fingers crossed for some high marks!

The ISTD describe this Level 3 Certificate in Vocational Graded Examination in Dance as follows.. "Achievement at Level 3 reflects the ways in which candidates make the transition from expressive and personal motivation for dance to a disciplined attitude necessary for a dance professional. Candidates build upon a range of skills, knowledge and understanding in relation to an increasingly refined vocabulary of movement and artistic interpretation showing an increased confidence, assurance and sensitivity. In addition, an increasing understanding of professional contexts will be demonstrated and applied in performance and practice".

ISTD Exams 2020

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