West End 2019

Monday 13th of May by Charlotte Pilkington
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On 12th May we took 48 students to perform at The Troxy Theatre in London

SAA took two groups the 'West End Juniors' and 'West End Seniors' to perform at The Troxy with Young Performers. The Troxy is an award winning musical industry venue where SAA were given the opportunity to dance 4 dances! These included...

  • Junior Lyrical - A Million Dreams
  • Senior Tap - Anything Goes
  • Junior Modern - Matilda
  • Senior Lyrical - Halo

The students had a great day and were very supportive of each other backstage. As always it was a pleasure to give such a dedicated group of dancers a great opportunity.

Well done to Aimee Tindal, Ava Fergusson, Ayshia Moreton, Bebe Price, Bella-Rose Binney, Bluebell Lane, Cara Redman, Cecilia Crocker, Chloe Craig, Ella Walsh, Emma Bicknell, Erica Walsh, Gina Lipscombe, Grace Murray, Hannah Graham, Imogen Green, Isabel Sadler, Isabelle Barratt, Isobel Marsh, Isobel Price, Jack Morris, Jaya Smith, Jessica Clark, Jessica Dyer, Jessica Stewart, Keira Betty, Lauren Evans, Leila Betty, Lily Chambers, Lily Whittaker, Lucy Knight, Martha Lowe, Matilda Lowe, Melanie Privett, Mia Rose, Molly Perkins, Orla Ryan, Phillippa Orosz, Sophia Earle-Williams, Sophie Knight, Sophie Devonport, Sophie Evans, Sophie Heaton & Zoe Skerratt for being a great West End 2019 Group!

West End 2019

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