Showcase 2018 - It's Here!

Monday 2nd of April by Charlotte Pilkington
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Clear your diaries for SAA’s biggest event of the year! Our students will be performing dances to music from the legends of our time at Ferneham Hall in our annual showcase!

Every year the whole school comes together and performs in our annual showcase. It is held at Ferneham Hall and is a dance show, in which almost every class (exceptions to this are technique and our baby classes) gets the opportunity to perform!

At SAA we believe that the best way to enhance dance skills is in front of an audience. Family and friends are invited to watch the students’ hard work pay off. Every year it gets bigger and better and is always great fun for all students!

This year our show ‘Legends’ is on Saturday 21st July 2018, with a dress rehearsal the week before on Saturday 14th July at Park Community School.

On the day students will be be part of a morning dress and technical rehearsal, an afternoon show at 2pm and evening show at 7pm. Tickets will be available from Katrina, all at £13 each. 

We will be holding our after show party at The Chairmakers on Sunday 22nd July, to celebrate a successful year and as a send-off in to the summer holidays. All families are welcome to join us!

Showcase 2018

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