Morrisons Bag Packing

Saturday 17th of February by Charlotte Pilkington
Keywords: Morrisons, Bag Packing, Disney Squad, Costume Fund

On Friday 16th February the Disney Squad packed hundreds of bags at the Horndean Morrisons to raise money for the costume fund

Sent off with a good luck message from one of the squad mums our Disney Squad were ready to pack the bags of plenty of customers...

"Good luck to you all with the bag packing today and remember - tins on the bottom, bread on top, don’t smash the eggs and give all those lovely customers your best Disney smiles!"

They did fantastically well, with some members packing for up to 6 hours! We received lots of lovely feedback about how polite the dancers were, and what a credit they were to the school.

A huge thank you to Julie Binney for organising the entire event, and for all the wonderful staff at Morrisons in Horndean for having us.

Well done Disney Squad! You have thoroughly earnt your sparkly new costumes!

Morrisons Bag Packing

Some photos from the day...

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