Term 3 2017/18 - Timetable Changes

Sunday 14th of January by Charlotte Pilkington
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Term 3 2017/18 Timetable Changes for Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes

Due to class sizes and hall availability there are a few changes to our class times...

Mondays at Waterlooville Leisure Centre

4.00pm - 4.30pm  Grade 2 Modern
4.30pm - 5.10pm   Grade 2 Tap
5.10pm - 5.50pm   Grade 3 Modern
5.50pm - 6.30pm  Grade 3 Tap
6.30pm - 7.10pm   Grade 4 Modern

Thursdays at Denmead Community Centre

4.00pm - 4.40pm  Grade 5 Tap
4.40pm - 5.20pm  Grade 4 Tap
5.20pm - 6.10pm   Grade 5 & Intermediate Modern
6.10pm - 6.50pm   Intermediate Tap

6.00pm - 6.20pm  Beginners Pointe
6.20pm - 7.10pm   Grade 4/5 Ballet
7.10pm - 7.30pm   Advanced Pointe
7.30pm - 8.20pm  Intermediate Ballet
8.20pm - 9.00pm  Senior Lyrical

7.00pm - 7.40pm   Adult Tap 
7.40pm - 8.20pm   Adult Modern
8.20pm - 9.00pm  Adult Ballet

Saturdays at Denmead Community Centre

9.30am - 10.00am  Mini Movement
10.00am 10.30am   Pre-Primary Ballet Class 1
10.30am - 11.00am Pre-Primary Tap
11.00am - 11.30am  Pre-Primary Ballet Class 2

All parents/guardians of students affected have been notified.

The timetable on our website has been updated to reflect these new times here.

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