Beth's Fund

Monday 24th of July by Charlotte Pilkington
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The support for Beth and the Tiller family has been overwhelming!

Beth Tiller, a former pupil of ours and is currently battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Her journey and strength has been incredible throughout, so SAA have been doing their part to help the Tillers fulfil Beth's dream of Christmas in New York.

Thank you once again to everyone who has donated prizes, bought tickets and just put money in to our raffle throughout our Showcase 2017 events. We are delighted to announce that the grand total from the raffle, bucket collections, fudge sales and donations is... £1350!

A big thank you to Chris Bennett and his team at The Chairmakers for their wonderful donations and support for both the school and Beth's Fund.

Finally, a huge thank you to Caroline Findley for her time and efforts organising the raffle and co-ordinating the prize donations and collections. We really appreciate your hard work for making this possible, for a cause so close to your heart.

Beth's Fund

Beth's parents left this message on our SAA Facebook Group...

"Hi, Just a quick message, in between all the hospital fun we're having (not), to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone at SAA that donated, provided gifts and generally helped Katie and her team to raise the AMAZING amount towards Beth's fund. It's all very overwhelming just what people have been doing for Beth, it's just a huge disappointment to us and her that she has been stuck in hospital for the past 6 weeks and not able to say thank you in person, she was really hoping to be allowed out at the weekend to attend even for an hour, but sadly her consultants wouldn't allow it. We'll get there, I'm sure, one day, but in the meantime what you've achieved is incredible and also a big boost to the whole family and we are very appreciative. xxx Claire and Dave xxx"

Beth's Fund

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