Summer Workshop 2017

Wednesday 2nd of August by
Keywords: Summer Workshop, Tumbling Mat Fund

What a fantastic time we had producing a summer-themed showcase with a wide range of student ages!

Our Summer Workshop was once again very successful, run by Jess, Lloyd and Charlotte. The dancers took part in a range of different genres including Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Modern over the course of a couple of days.

The children worked very hard learning genres they hadn't done before and even pulled off an amazing performance for friends and family on the last day, after learning up to 6 routines in just 48 hours!

The workshop had such a warm and friendly atmosphere and that definitely came across from the lovely feedback we received.

All proceeds will go towards our tumbling mat fund, for all students to work on their gym/acrobatic skills to improve all aspects of their dancing and capability to be the best they can be.


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