Term 5 2017 Timetable Changes

Wednesday 12th of April by Charlotte Pilkington
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Timetable changes for Monday 24th April to Saturday 27th May

To accommodate for classes combining for show dances, there are changes to our class times on Thursdays and Fridays. Please find the new timetable here.

Anomalies to the timetable are listed below...

  • All Monday Classes: There will be no classes held on Monday 1st May due to the May Bank Holiday. This will be deducted from the Term 6 invoice to help spread out class costs.

  • West End Group : On Saturday 29th this class will be at the Term 4 time of 10.30am to 11.45am. There will be no West End class on Saturday 27th May, instead there is the extended class 9.30am to 11.30am on Saturday 3rd June so students don’t go a fortnight without a class before the show.
  • ISTD Exam Students: A polite reminder that there are extra rehearsals scheduled for Saturday 29th April.

  • Disney Squad: This class will return 9.30am-10.30am from Saturday 6th May. On Saturday 27th May, despite no West End class that day there will be a class 11.15am-12.15pm.

Find changes to Term 6 (Monday 5th June to Saturday 22nd July) here!

Term 5 Timetable Changes

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