Mini Movement and Baby Ballet are back!

Wednesday 7th of December by Katrina Excell
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Due to high demand we are reinstating Mini Movement and Baby Ballet back into our timetable. These classes focus on teaching students of age 4 and below the basics of rhythm and ballet movement with fun activity classes .

In January 2017, due to high demand, Baby Ballet and Mini Movement will be back for ages 18 months - 4 years. These classes aim to teach students the basics of rhythm and dance technique through the use of fun activities in a 30 minute session. 

*First classes are considered trials therefore free!*

Baby Ballet
A fun movement and co-ordination class with classical ballet techniques, great for improving posture and balance. A great feeder class into a more formal classical ballet training.

Mini Movement
A great funky dance class using props and well-loved songs to help enhance co-ordination and rhythm. An ideal feeder class for modern and jazz genres.

Pre-School classes for 1 year 6 months to 2 years 6 months will require an adult to supervise during classes. Interactive exercises suitable for mums, dads, grandparents etc!  This is to nurture students in to a dance class environment.

Pre-School classes for 2 years 6 months to 4 years will be without an adult supervising for students to learn to become independently trained.

All Pre-School classes are suitable for boys and girls.

Head on over to our Timetable page and click on "Saturday" to check out the class times, prices and age ranges.

Pre-School Classes

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