Pre-School Classes

Mini Movers With Parent/Guardian

A 30 minute class consisting of a mixture of Mini Movement and Baby Ballet. This class will require an adult to supervise during classes. The class includes interactive exercises suitable for mums, dads, grandparents etc!  This is to nurture students in to a dance class environment.

Baby Ballet 

A fun movement and co-ordination class with classical ballet techniques, great for improving posture and balance. All classes are based as an introduction to the ISTD syllabus and are a great feeder class into a more formal classical ballet training.

Mini Movement 

A great funky dance class using props and well-loved songs to help enhance co-ordination and rhythm. It is an equivalent to a Pre-Primary Modern class, so an ideal feeder class for modern and jazz genres.

Pre-Primary Tap & Pre-Primary Ballet

These classes follow the ISTD syllabus and which is adopted widely across the world. The sylabus begins to provide the structure of a more formal dance training, whilst incorporating learning techniques suitable for a younger audience.

Pre-School classes (except Mini Movers) will be without an adult supervising for students to learn to become independently trained, however we understand there will be an initial transition period allowing parent/guardians to remain in the room until they are settled.

All Pre-School classes are suitable for boys and girls.

See the timetable for class times!

Pre-School Classes