Advanced Modern Technique

Class details:

  • Dance genre: Advanced Technique
  • Class day: Tuesday
  • Class time: 5.30 - 6.15
  • Age range: Age 10 to 16 (Yr 6 to Yr 11)yrs
  • Grade: Junior & Senior
  • Class price: £5.00
  • Location: Waterlooville Community Centre

Your instructor:

Lucy Willett

Lucy Willett

Miss Lucy joined us in 2019 after meeting her as a festival adjudicator, having recently returned from a long stint performing in Las Vegas
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Class summary:

Advanced Technique

This class is to be taken in addition to your ISTD Ballet grade work classes. Ballet Technique classes are the foundation for training to facilitate muscle memory, focusing on developing a solid technique with an emphasis on understanding correct body placement, proper use of turn out and co-ordination. In turn this helps improve students core stability, weight placement, alignment and overall dance technique.


This class is to be taken in addition to your ISTD Modern grade work classes. It is lively and engaging as it encourages bodies to shift, swing and fall through space. With a focus on core stability the class will aim to improve technique, encourage freedom and efficiency in movement and provide an enjoyable space to dance in.


This class is to be taken in addition to your ISTD Tap grade work classes. Classes will work on mastering steps and combinations whilst improving foot and ankle strength, core strength, managing weight transfer, stamina and musicality. Classes will build up fancy footwork, complex patterns and challenging rhythms ensuring students are able to perform intricate steps at greater speed more effortlessly.

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